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EveryQuery.com's mission is to become a major web portal with capability to provide virtually any information one might seek on the Internet. Get answers to your questions by browsing our web directory. Each and every one of our directory listings and articles are carefully reviewed by our editors to ensure that only high-quality and informative resources are listed. We give the web community an avenue to explore the Internet while avoiding the spam and irrelevant results typically returned in search engine queries.

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Alpharetta 24/7 Emergency AC RepairOpen in New Window
Call GagneAC in Alpharetta, Georgia for emergency Heating and AC Repair. We are a full service HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor. Our services include HVAC system installation, ductless split system air conditioners, central air conditioning system repair and maintenance from Carrier, Trane, and other leading AC manufacturers.
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South Beach Smoke E-CigarettesOpen in New Window
Buy electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke; Not only are South Beach electronic cigarettes more acceptable to today's health conscious youth, they are also very durable and available in a variety of vaping flavors. Check out our varied selection of starter kits or disposable e-cigarettes today.
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AgeSearchOpen in New Window
AgeSearch is a scientific web search engine especially designed to help geoscientists to estimate the "stratigraphy" of their web searches. It uses the Stratigraphy.net ageparser technology to scan found web pages for names of stratigraphic units, e.g. litho-, chrono or biostratigraphic zones, and displays the best matching stratigraphic system or era.
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Reinforcing Behaviour TherapyOpen in New Window
An effort has been made to strip Behaviour Therapy of the confusion surrounding it , to give it a more solid scientific base. Concepts such as Stimuli and Responses, and Classical and Operant behaviours have been done away with, replaced with the simple notion of a behaviour as being any bodily activity, both external as well as internal...
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League of Moveable TypeOpen in New Window
We are done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. The web is no longer limited, and now it is time to raise our standards. Since 2009, The League has given only the most well-made, free and open source, font-face ready fonts.
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CodePlexOpen in New Window
CodePlex is Microsoft's free open source project hosting site. You can create projects to share with the world, collaborate with others on their projects, and download open source software.
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Big Religion ChartOpen in New Window
The Big Religion Chart is an attempt to summarize all the complexities of religions and belief systems into tiny little boxes on a single, quick-reference comparison chart.
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