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Blacksmith's JournalOpen in New Window
The Blacksmith's Journal offers how-to information on traditional and architectural blacksmithing where you can find a monthly illustrated publication, books, videos and tools.
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I Forge IronOpen in New Window
Blacksmithing community with over 500 metalworking blueprints and how to articles. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members.
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Peat Oberon's School of BlacksmithingOpen in New Window
Open your eyes to beautiful iron and learn the ancient craft of blacksmithing - enjoy expert tuition from an experienced blacksmith and teacher.
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Power Hammer SchoolOpen in New Window
With power and precision, Andrew Chapman brings an artist's eye to the blacksmith shop. Chapman was introduced to welding while earning his BFA in sculpture at the University of Cincinnati. This gave him his first taste for metal.
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Repousse Tools and TechniquesOpen in New Window
Repousse is a method of creating a relief design by hammering or pressing the reverse side of a metal surface. Literal meaning in French, "to push back".
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The Rockbridge BloomeryOpen in New Window
In January of 1998, inspired by accounts of traditional iron smelting in Africa, I decided to see if I could make some iron myself. I enlisted my curious friend Skip, and together we've built two furnaces...
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Turley Forge Blacksmithing SchoolOpen in New Window
Frank Turley is the founder and operator of Turley Forge Blacksmithing School and a frequent demonstrator at craft schools, regional workshops, and universities.
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Wadsworth, JulianOpen in New Window
Welcome to the timeless world of metalwork and forgework. Please feel free to look around my web site by clicking on the menus above to learn more about Blacksmithing, my skills as an Artist Blacksmith, and to see examples of my work.
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