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About.com - Soap MakingOpen in New Window
Soap making and candle making instructions, candle making projects, soap making recipes and safety information. How to make homemade soap and make handmade candles.
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Audrey's Soap SiteOpen in New Window
Soaps are made from lye, animal fats and/or vegetable oils, and water in a process called saponification. Store bought soaps are generally detergents that are made from petroleum instead of fats or oils...
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The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, Inc.Open in New Window
An international non-profit professional trade association. Our mission is to promote the handcrafted soap industry; to act as a center of communication among soap makers, and to circulate information beneficial to soap makers.
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How to Make Soap at HomeOpen in New Window
Home made soaps, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, massage oils and other products are fun to make and absolutely wonderful to use.
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Make Your CosmeticsOpen in New Window
At MakeYourCosmetics, we consider handmade only those soaps that are made from scratch using raw materials such as olive oil, coconut oil, water and sodium hydroxide (lye).
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Olympic ViewsOpen in New Window
I have been making our soap for over 30 years. Since reading about what other folks were doing, I've found sources for both animal and vegetable fats that have really opened up other possibilities for recipe combinations...
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Smelly Chick’s OnlineOpen in New Window
I started making candles in 2000 to supplement the income I made as a web and graphic designer. I loved everything about candles. The texture. The colors. And of course the scent...
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Soap Making BusinessOpen in New Window
Resources for those who want to start or grow a handcrafted bath and body care business.
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Soap Making EssentialsOpen in New Window
Learn how to make various types of soap with step by step instructions. Information about ingredients, equipment, decorative ideas, recipes and resources.
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Soap Making ForumOpen in New Window
The Soap Making Forum is message board community for the crafty do-it-yourselfers making handcrafted soaps, lotions, candles, and other bath and skin care items.
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Soap Making ResourceOpen in New Window
Are you looking for some great soap making information complete with soap recipes, step by step tutorials, equipment reviews and tons more? Well, you certainly found the right place!
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