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Joe WoodworkerOpen in New Window
Woodworkers are fortunate people. Providing tremendous growth opportunity and personal satisfaction, woodworking as a hobby has fast become one of America's greatest pastimes.
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Sam Allen WoodworkingOpen in New Window
Hi, I'm Sam Allen, I'd like to share the woodworking knowledge I've gained from over thirty years of experience. At the beginning of my career I apprenticed under old time woodworkers.
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Sawdust Making 101Open in New Window
First of all let me assure you that woodworking is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on tools many projects can be done with a minimum investment.
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WoodZone.comOpen in New Window
Since 1997 WoodZone has strived to serve the woodworking community. Our collection of free articles, tips, and other resources are designed to help the beginner get started and the intermediate woodworker enhance his or her skills.
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Andrew's Woodworking WorkshopOpen in New Window
I'm Andrew Silvestri, this page is dedicated to my passion for woodworking. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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BoWood DesignsOpen in New Window
TV Trays, Folding Trays, Folding TV Trays, Custom Woodworker building furniture, wood turning and othe creations in wood.
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DANDEE Design LtdOpen in New Window
Nestled in the heart of New Zealand's Kahurangi National Park is DANDEE Design Ltd, a small family business specialising in unique wooden products made from timber salvaged from Karamea farms.
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Dave's Woodworking ProjectsOpen in New Window
Personal website showing projects made using mostly handtools, also shows pictures of Dave's shop.
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David Finck WoodworkerOpen in New Window
My work is about quality, careful attention to detail, functionality, and permanence. I think of it as an ongoing attempt to capture the essential core of the beautiful and bring that into people’s homes and lives. I find great pleasure in the process of woodworking.
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Geoff's WoodworkOpen in New Window
Learn how to make cabinets, tables, and woodwork. Woodworking, cabinet making, basic carpentry and joinery techniques. Set out and joint frames tables and carcasses effectively...
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GetWoodworking.comOpen in New Window
GetWoodworking.com includes tool reviews, explanation of techniques, step by step project plans, and more.
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Greenwood WorkingOpen in New Window
I am a chairmaker. I have made traditional post and rung chairs with hand tools for over 40 years. In 1978, I wrote Make a Chair from a Tree: An Introduction to Working Green Wood, a practical book about of post and rung chairmaking.
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In The WoodshopOpen in New Window
I'm Howard Ruttan and I eat, sleep, live, breath, and dream in an atmosphere of 100% sawdust - I have for over a quarter of a century (now I really feel old), and I can't resist the urge to tell you all about it.
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