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Alcheringa GalleryOpen in New Window
Alcheringa is an Aboriginal Australian word for the Dreamtime, the mythical time of creation, when the world and all living creatures were sung into existence. It is believed that singing and dancing maintain the state of the landscape, and that these invisible songlines hold the earth together.
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Douglas Dawson GalleryOpen in New Window
Art from Africa, Asia and the Americas, including textiles, sculpture and vessels, ceramics, and furniture. Includes online exhibitions, an online gallery, and a web blog.
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Dowling Pre-Columbian and Tribal ArtOpen in New Window
Since 1995 I have been a dealer specializing in African, pre-Columbian, and other tribal art. I show by appointment in San Francisco, at major art fairs around the United States, and online. I am a founding member of San Francisco Tribal, a group of tribal art dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Xanadu GalleryOpen in New Window
Xanadu Gallery established in 1979 is located in the historic Frank Lloyd Wright building just off Union Square. The gallery has an extensive selections of Asian, Oceanic and African antiquities and ethnographic works of art.
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Gail Martin GalleryOpen in New Window
Gail Martin Gallery has dealt with ancient, antique and ethnographic textiles since 1972, previous to 1994 as Martin and Ullman Artweave Textile Gallery. Since 1998 the gallery has also presented the work of contemporary fiber artists.
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Gallery LemaireOpen in New Window
Gallery Lemaire has been involved in the trade of tribal art from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia and New Guinea since 1925. Gallery Lemaire was the first gallery in Amsterdam to deal in ethnographic art, and has sold to many museums and private collectors.
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GamaarteOpen in New Window
Gamaarte is a non-profit museum service organization committed to promote Art and Culture and the preservation of Peruvian cultural patrimony. Gamaarte as an independent Art Consultant offers a wide range of services to bring art to museums, galleries and institutions world wide.
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Joel Cooner GalleryOpen in New Window
The Joel Cooner Gallery specializes in important Tribal, Asian, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian and Ancient artworks. We cater to the discerning collector and search the world for pieces with cultural significance and a distinctive presence.
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Michael Evans Fine ArtOpen in New Window
A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Michael received a Master’s Degree in Art History from Auckland University. He has over 15 years experience in the business of Fine Art, and has worked with dealers in New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States.
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New York Tribal Art Association, IncOpen in New Window
Non-profit public arts organization approved by the New York Department of Education. Focus is on the arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.
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Renaissance NowOpen in New Window
We are a non-profit organization helping underprivileged talented artists around the world to win over poverty, exploitation of human trafficking and assisting artisan communities to develop sustainable income.
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Tribal Art ForumOpen in New Window
Tribal Art Forum is dedicated to tribal arts of the world and is a site where collectors can share their enthusiasm for these beautiful, magical objects. Noncommercial site with articles and discussion of tribal art from around the world.
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