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The pLab ProjectOpen in New Window
This server is maintained by a team of mathematicians and computer scientists led by Peter Hellekalek at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Salzburg.
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HENKOS Pseudorandom Number GeneratorOpen in New Window
The generation of random numbers is critical to cryptographic systems. Symmetric ciphers such as DES, RC2, and RC5 all require a randomly selected encryption key.
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FrandomOpen in New Window
The frandom suite comes as a Linux kernel module for several kernels, or a kernel patch for 2.4.22. It implements a random number generator, which is 10-50 times faster than what you get from Linux' built-in /dev/urandom.
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RngPackOpen in New Window
RngPack is a pseudorandom number generator package for Java. Pseudorandom means that the "random" numbers are generated by a deterministic mathematical process, not by a fundamentally random physical process such as radioactive decay or Johnson noise.
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Random Number Generation - Taygeta Scientific Inc.Open in New Window
Here is information on pseudo and quasi random number generation with implementations in several languages. An a tutorial on how to generate nonuniformly distributed random numbers.
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ENT - A Pseudorandom Number Sequence Test ProgramOpen in New Window
Describes a program, ENT, which applies various tests to sequences of bytes stored in files and reports the results of those tests. The program is useful for evaluating pseudorandom number generators for encryption and statistical sampling applications, compression algorithms, and other applications where the information density of a file is of interest.
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Random BotsOpen in New Window
RandomBots offers randomization software for numeric and non-numeric data samples, generators for random number samples, random selection and random check number audits.
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NIST - Random Number Generation and TestingOpen in New Window
Primary goals are: (a) to develop a battery of statistical tests to detect non-randomness in binary sequences constructed using random number generators and pseudo-random number generators utilized in cryptographic applications, (b) to produce documentation and a software implementation of these tests, and (c) to provide guidance in the use and application of these tests.
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GNU Scientific Library - Random Number Generator AlgorithmsOpen in New Window
The library provides a large collection of random number generators which can be accessed through a uniform interface. Environment variables allow you to select different generators and seeds at runtime, so that you can easily switch between generators without needing to recompile your program.
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Pseudo Random Number GeneratorsOpen in New Window
This page contains software libraries for some very good random number generators. The basic random number generators make floating point or integer random numbers with uniform distributions. This code is available in C++ and assembly language.
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