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Science is a systematic and ambitious undertaking of discovering and organizing knowledge in the form of testable theories. The sciences include biology, chemistry, forensics, anthropology, physics, geology, astronomy, and many other fields. Modern science arose during the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, which gave us Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, and Galileo among others.

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Science/AAASOpen in New Window
Founded in 1880 on seed money from the American inventor Thomas Edison, Science has grown to become the world's leading outlet for scientific news, commentary, and cutting-edge research, with the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general-science journal.
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Wikipedia - ScienceOpen in New Window
Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is, in its broadest sense, any systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a correct prediction, or reliably-predictable type of outcome...
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Discovery ChannelOpen in New Window
Discovery Channel online lets you explore science, history, space, tech, sharks, and more, with videos and news, plus exclusives on your favorite TV shows.
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AOL Science NewsOpen in New Window
From cancer research to global warming, bacteria to nanotechnology, invasive species to robotics, AOL Science News has the latest video and pics on scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Read current science news articles and post your opinion.
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Science.govOpen in New Window
Science.gov searches over 36 databases and 1,850 selected websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information, including research and development results.
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HowStuffWorks - Science ChannelOpen in New Window
HowStuffWorks Science has explanations and colorful illustrations related to earth science, life science, and other wonders of the physical world.
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Science NewsOpen in New Window
This award-winning biweekly news magazine covers important and emerging research in all fields of science. It publishes concise, accurate, timely articles that appeal to both general readers and scientists, reaching nearly 130,000 subscribers and more than one million readers.
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ScienceDailyOpen in New Window
ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine. Includes news about the latest discoveries and hottest research projects in everything from astrophysics to zoology.
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