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EveryQuery.com is a web portal allowing users to choose from a variety of different methods of finding information that he or she seeks. Our mission is to become a major web portal with capability to provide virtually any information one might seek on the Internet. Get answers to your questions by using our search engine, web directory, article directory, or news database.

Each and every one of our directory listings and articles are carefully reviewed by our editors to ensure that only high-quality and informative resources are listed. We give the web community an avenue to explore the Internet while avoiding the spam and irrelevant results typically returned in search engine queries. We list only quality websites and articles on EveryQuery.com, culling out those of inferior quality.

Originally launched solely as a web directory under a different name in 2004, we have undergone many changes and improvements over the years to better server our clients. As we continue to grow, we hope to hear feedback from our users to help us build a better portal.

Benefits Of Web Directories And Article Directories

There are many potential benfits to submitting your websites to web directories and your articles to article directories. The first benefit is the most obvious - traffic. Not only can directories send you some direct traffic from people viewing the directory listings, but they can potentially send you traffic by helping you websites in search engine rankings. EveryQuery.com is frequently indexed by all of the major search engines looking for quality websites. This makes an article or directory listing an effective way to get newer websites indexed in the major search engines quickly.

Finding Quality Directories And Avoiding The "Quick Buck Crew"

The Internet contains tens of thousands of web directories and article directories. Despite being such a saturated online business niche, quality web directories and article directories are very rare and increasingly harder to find. The directory business is littered with thousands of dead directories that are neglected or abandoned by their owners. Those directories that are not neglected are often poorly or unethically run. You will find directories that have low or non-existent listing standards, and directories that exist only to harvest email addresses for spam communications.

There is also a special class of directory owners that are commonly referred to as the Quick Buck Crew or QBC. These are the directory owners that have no morals, and are only out to make a few quick bucks and then either abandon their site(s) or sell them at an inflated price. They often start their directories on dropped domains (a domain that has expired and has not been renewed by its owner). QBC directories are the lint in the navel of the Internet.

You do not want to be listed in the types of directories described above. Instead, choose to list your websites and articles in quality directories with strict guidelines and human editors reviewing submissions for quality control.

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