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Directory Submission Guidelines

• Submit your web site to just one category, and the most appropriate.
• Sites must be written in English or have an English translation.
• Sites hosted on free servers will be rejected.
• Sites containing porn, warez, hate, drug, and other objectional material will be rejected.
• Unresponsive or under-construction sites will be rejected.
• Sites offering little or no original content will be rejected.
• Sites with the main puropose of displaying AdSense or other affiliate ads will be rejected.
• Sites that redirect the user to another address will be rejected.
• Capitalize the first letter of every word in the title.
• Title must be an official title.  A brief keyphrase may follow the official title.
• Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPS in descriptions.
• Do not use excessive promotional language in your title or descriptions.
• Breaking the above rules may lead to you being banned!

Examples Of Proper And Improper Directory Submissions

Below are two examples of directory submissions. One of them follows our directory guidelines as outlined above, and one of them does not and will be deleted (and the submitter would probably be banned). It should be obvious which one follows the rules and which one does not.

* EXAMPLE #1 - Not Good

CHEAP VIAGRA cheap cheap bonerz | BUY SOME PILLS
Cheap pills, boner pills, erekshun pillz, president erect, cheap, inexpensive, dirt cheap, pills, meds, bottle of love, Cheap pills, boner pills, erekshun pillz, ...
Suggested Category: Society

* EXAMPLE #2 - Much Better

African Widget Corporation - Cheap Widgets In Mozambique
The African Widget Corporation manufactures and distributes affordable, high-quality widgets throughout Africa. Buy our products from dealers located around the continent, or order directly from us.
Suggested Category: Business > Manufacturing > Widgets

How Long Does It Take For Review?

We guarantee a review within 48 hours after your submission. But most of the time, sites are reviewed within a couple of hours after submission.

Can I Suggest A Category?

Absolutely. If we currently do not have a category that is suitable for your website, then use our contact page to make a suggestion for a category you would like to have us create.

Do You Offer Bulk Submission Discounts?

We can offer discounts for bulk orders of 20 submissions or more whether you own a couple dozen personal websites or are part of a SEO or Internet Marketing firm desiring several hundred listings. Send us an email via our contact form and let us know how many sites you wish to submit and we will get back to you ASAP.

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